Sunday, January 29, 2006

Birthday Surprise For Barney

Last Wednesday night at the weekly Poetry Revival Barney Sheehan, on the occasion of his birythday, was surprised to be presented with a specially commissioned painting by poet and artist Tom Mc Carthy. The painting depicts Barney on a horse with a microphone in his hand outside the White House bar. The presentation was preceded by a tribute to Barney from regular White House poet Dominic Taylor, who praised Barney for being the catalist for forming 'this community of poets at the White House'.

' The White House Poets have being in existance for nearly three years and although we have no formal membership our little community is non the less a real and vibrant one' he said. 'and like all communities people come and go, there are people who don't like us and there are people we don't like but we all feel connected to one another by our love of poetry'. he continued.

Singleing out Barney as the main reason for the success of the White House readings he said that some people underestimate the contribution that Barney has made not only to the readings but to everything that has eminated from his decision almost three years ago to begin this weekly poetry event. He wished Barney a very happy birthday and continued success at the helm of one of the most successful poetry events in Ireland.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

New Poets Reading at Open-Mic in White House

Every week new poets come and read at the open-mic session at the White House below is a selection af last weeks new poets. Pictured are Emma from London, Dick Mc Ellistrum, Hugh Doyle, Neil Faulkes and Susan kelly

Poem Of The Week 'New York' by Billy Nealan

New York

New York,
you are glorious.
New York,
you are frightening.

The men who built you
have come and gone.
Some fell to their deaths,
Heroes - for all they have done.

New York,
you are tall and wide
you are pleasant and unpleasant.
So many things going on.

Good, bad, happy, mad, sad.
Was it all a mistake?
Or were you ment to be?
The fact is you are here,
maybe forever.

New York,
you are glorious.
New York,
you are frightening.

Billy Nealan hails from Limerick City and has published six chapbooks of poetry.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Failte Award For Barney Sheehan

White House Poet and organiser of one of the most successful poetry reading in the country Barney Sheehan has been given a special award by Failte Ireland for his work in promoting tourism in the city.

"I just called in one night and there was a letter waiting for me from the Chief Executive of Failte Ireland Shaun Quinn telling me that I have been awarded a Certificate of Merit" explained Barney. The award was given as a mark of recognition for the valuable contribution he has made to the tourism industry in Limerick.

The poetry takes place every Wednesday night at 9pm. "We started up two and a half years ago in an attempt to revive the literary culture of the famous old world bar" said Barney. "They said it would'nt last two weeks but it has been going since" he said. Along with the weekly reading they have also published an anthology of the work performed at the White House, 'Microphone On' contains 100 poets from Ireland and abroad who have read at the venue.

"The hotels and bed and breakfasts are aware of the night and we have got hundreds of tourists calling to listen to the poetry" said Barney. "Tourists want different types of entertainment. Some are happy to go to music venues and the theatre and we at the White House provide a very significant contribution to poetry".

Photo caption. Barney pictured above with poet Cristoir O Flynn one of the many guest published poets who have read at the White House Poetry Revival.

Poem Of The Week ' Poem For The Boy' by Barry J. Ryan

Poem For The Boy

Dedicated to Killian who was born on Sunday 28th August 2005
to myself and Dragana.

Be a boy brave enough
To become a man
And relish the breaking of cloud.
Understand the sun inside
And the power
It has over an evening sky.
Learn enough
Not to be charmed by the world,
And feel in every cell
The utter improbability
Of your existence:
On the night before your birth,
Disconsolate as the empty spaces
Between buildings at 3 am,
This is all I ask.

Barry J. Ryan is 32 years old and married, he was educated in Cresecent College Comprehensive and worked as a development worker in northern Namibia for three years. Upon returning home he completed a Masters degree in Peace and Development Studies. He has since been working in the Balkans setting-up community policing projects for the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe and is currently completing a doctorate in political science in the University of Limerick.

Book Of Ballad Poems Launched At White House

A selection of the poets who recently had their work published in the Doghouse Book Of ballad poems which was given a limerick launch at the weekly Poetry Revival reading at the White House pub last Wednesday the 11th of January. Pictured at the launch above are poets Noel King, Peter Keane, George Raitt, Chuck Kruger and Barney Sheehan organiser of the event.
For details of where you can purchase a copy contact Noel King at

Monday, January 09, 2006

Whte House Poetry Revival Wed 11th Jan 2006

White House Poetry Revival
Wed 11th Jan 2006 9.00pm

Limerick Launch of Doghouse Book of Ballad Poems.

A selection of poets who recently had their work published in The Doghouse Book Of Ballad Poems will be at the White House this Wednesday to read their work. Noel King, publisher of the book, will introduce the poets and give us an insight into this oft neglected poetic form. Over 40 poets contributed to the book including Gabriel Fitzmaurice, Peter Goulding, Chuck Kruger, John W. Sexton and Fred Johnston.

As usual the reading is preceded by an open mic session in which anyone who wishes to read is invited to do so.
Complementary finger food is provided and proceeding commence at 9.00 pm.

For further information contact Barney Sheehan at 086 8657494 or Dominic Taylor at 087 2996409

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How To get There
The White House pub is located in the centre of Limerick City at 52 O'Connell Street. Its exact location is on the corner of Glentworth Street and O'Connell Street, opposite the Ulster Bank and the Bank of Ireland. It is approximately 5 minutes walk from the train and bus station - exit the station and go down Davis Street, pass Taits Clock continue on down Glentworth Street and the White House is on the right hand corner at end of street.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Poem Of The Week. 'In Defence Of An Ancient City' by Dominic Taylor

In Defence Of An Ancient City

It’s not that bad this city they call stab
In fact it’s quite all right
It’s not as it’s portrayed as savage and depraved
It’s not a city of the night

A thousand years we’ve cried a thousand tears
Besieged by sword, fire and cannon
But now a bitter day has dawned our reputation pawned
Will our dreams and hopes flow down the Shannon?

With rage I write for critics who slight
This river city built so strong and fair
For the weary trod and send their prayers to God
Thankful for the gift of our sweet air

I’ve travelled far and suffered deep this scar
So now I will not let it be said
That this sacred place is desolate and base
It’s not a place where faith and hope are dead

So proclaim aloud of what we are so proud
Let the word be upon every breath
The sun it shines we live in changing times
But this is not a city embraced by death

We are many the few, what right if any
How dare they try and take away our pride
So raise your heart let no one stand apart
Remember Sarsfield and his famous ride

This city stands famed in foreign lands
Oh, how my heart it bleeds with anguish
But all this woe shall make us strong and grow
In shame or in self-pity we won’t languish

For no Dante’s hell no mournful tolling bell
Its not a city hope has left behind
For it is certain divine intervention
Shall scatter all our enemies to the wind

The candles burn the night has had its turn
Its time for light to enter every soul
Then we will find the strength to bind
Let truth and hope and justice take control

For hidden deep inside there lies asleep
A stronger will than those who seek to rule
By knife and gun God knows our day will come
No longer shall we suffer ridicule

So have no fear this place is not austere
In heavens firmament our star it shines
With eyes of fire it satiates our desire
For all the things on Earth are here sublime

And now rejoice sing out, we have no choice
Sing loud; sing to the whole worldwide
No finer ground in Ireland can be found
Than Limerick, down by the Shannon side

Dominic Taylor

The above poem is published today in a new anthology of ballad poems from Kerry publishers, Doghouse. For information on where you can purchase the anthology contact Noel King at