Sunday, January 29, 2006

Birthday Surprise For Barney

Last Wednesday night at the weekly Poetry Revival Barney Sheehan, on the occasion of his birythday, was surprised to be presented with a specially commissioned painting by poet and artist Tom Mc Carthy. The painting depicts Barney on a horse with a microphone in his hand outside the White House bar. The presentation was preceded by a tribute to Barney from regular White House poet Dominic Taylor, who praised Barney for being the catalist for forming 'this community of poets at the White House'.

' The White House Poets have being in existance for nearly three years and although we have no formal membership our little community is non the less a real and vibrant one' he said. 'and like all communities people come and go, there are people who don't like us and there are people we don't like but we all feel connected to one another by our love of poetry'. he continued.

Singleing out Barney as the main reason for the success of the White House readings he said that some people underestimate the contribution that Barney has made not only to the readings but to everything that has eminated from his decision almost three years ago to begin this weekly poetry event. He wished Barney a very happy birthday and continued success at the helm of one of the most successful poetry events in Ireland.


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