Sunday, February 26, 2006

Poem Of The Week 'Merciful Curtain' by Gerard Sheehy

Merciful Curtain

I caught the tail end
of a lady talking on TV.
She was telling her own
and millions of others' story.
She said
that every night in the camp
she would dream,
beautiful dreams
about taking trips to Paris,
about fine food and clothes
and of seeing her love,
her darling husband Sasha soon.

But she didn't see him again.
He died two weeks
before his camp was liberated.
And the day she left her camp
the dreams stopped;
not just the beautiful ones. All dreams.

Fifty years of life later
she smiled and called this
her Merciful Curtain.

Ger Sheehy is a regular contributer to the open mic sessions at the White House Poetry Revival


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