Friday, February 03, 2006

Poem Of The Week 'Main Street: A Fading Vision' by Dick Mc Ellistrem

Main Street: A Fading Vision

The riddling bouquet of burning sod
a grey dawn shuffling into day
Zephyr herdsmen hurry clouds
to an invisible rendevouz
damp Atlantic wind seeking entry
shrill high wire call of expectant bellies

The blanket splash of speeding wheels
sixteen valve traffic light house inner darkness
Doppler traffic life decrescendo
fossil piston-traffic crescendo

Marmoreal caricature in mirrored flame
tonsure-baldness kiss floating wisps of hair
neck-scarf choking fading musculature
tweed-jacket the fading bed-heat familiar enveloping
veined benevolence carcass the sunken visage

Leather belted trousers cling to spectral waist
skeletal ankles peer unsartorial
sockless cracked leather feet
pacing familiar motion.

Neuronal cogwheel rigidity
eyes dead-ahead, tram-line shuffle
heavy foot-fall rattling invisible restraints
terminal velocity achieved

Subliminal muscle expanding spongy bellows
life seeping through micro-filter
red cells queue the payload, transporting
ambrosia to cellular combustion
fizzy red-galleons return, decanting to greedy lung

Westerly gale-drops clarion call
Haydian flame sucks breathless
casts photons on empty walls
The riddling bouquet of burning sod

Dick Mc Ellistrem


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