Sunday, June 18, 2006

Poetry On BBC Radio.


Here is a list and link to some of my favourite BBC radio programmes which are about or contain poetry. If you can't receive these programmes live (if you have cable or satellite you should be able to get them) you can listen back to them on the internet for 7 days after they are broadcast - no excuse for missing them then.

First off is The Verb on BBC Radio 3 (currently on at 9.15 on a Saturday night but the time slot changes occasionally) - a language and literature programme but always at least 1 item of poetry every week . Brilliantly hosted by poet Ian Mc Millan.

Next up is Poetry Please on BBC Radio 4 (on at 4.30 Sunday afternoon) - usually runs in a series of 10 progammes then takes a break, the current series is at number 7 this week. Not always a lot of contemporary poetry on it but unmissable for the performance of the readers each week. Liverpool poet Roger Mc Gough hosts. Is repeated at 11.30pm on a Saturday.

My personal favourite radio programme Mark Radcliffe on BBC Radio 2 Monday to Thursday 10.30 to 12.00 midnight. Great music, chat and great guests, every few weeks you can catch poets Simon Armitage and Ian Mc Millan. This week you can hear Ian on Monday night.

A programme always worth checking out is Front Row on BBC Radio 4 (7.15pm Monday to Friday) an arts magazine programme but you never know when a poet will turn up - a few weeks ago Billy Collins was interviewed about his new collection.

Also worth keeping an ear tuned for is Night Waves on BBC Radio 3 (Monday to Friday 9.30pm to 10.15pm) another arts magazine programme but again poets do turn up - Seamus Heaney was on a few weeks ago.

For those interested in Performance Poetry then the briliant Bespoken Word on BBC Radio 4 began a new series last Tuesday at 11.00pm.

As the published schedules in the media don't always contain information about who will be on you can subscibe to a weekly newsletter from BBC radio 3 and BBC Radio 4 which usually has accurate details.

To listen to any of the above programmes click here: and follow the links.


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