Thursday, March 09, 2006

Poem Of The Week 'Graffiti tracks' by Ray Hitchings

Graffiti Tracks

The graffiti bridge sped past
As the darkened tunnel ends.
Graffiti spills and sound-bite slang;
Fuck you! Up the Revolution!
And Christ’s coming has begun son.
The treacherous weather wraps
Around the train: curling, sweeping;
Pelting the windows that are
Thick with condensation on the inside;
Clouded with rain on the distant outside
And another tunnel roars into my
Field of vision; windows turning jet-black,
Reflective gloss and I saw myself stare.
I fixate on my reflection.
The darkness of the outside contrasts
With the electric flickering fluorescence
Overhead, as moths fly a wayward path.
More graffiti; foul words expressively painted
In daubed pink, caustic yellows…
And Bart Simpson and a boy in a bubble
Flies balloons on those grotty walls too.
Iconic vision and lethargy send motioned
Angels cascading from starry-eyed skies.
More graffiti passes again and then soon
The train vanishes into the distant night,
Blurs to a faint dot and fades to infinity.

Ray Hitchings lives in Limerick. He has studied at the National college of Art and Design and University of Cambridge. Presently working as Lecturer.


At 4:39 AM, Blogger Sinead said...

Hi Ray we hope you’re all very well.

Myself and Sinead Woods are trying to organise a class reunion of sorts and wondered Would you be interested in meeting up for a few drinks in the Lord Edward? We thought it would be better to just pick a date and see if that suits instead of going back and forth too much so we picked Saturday 17th November.

It is soon enough but otherwise you might forget and it’s not like you have to organise black tie or anything.
There are a fair few people going so far and we are trying to contact eveyone if you any emails maybe you can forward it on.
We hope you can make it.

Note we couldn’t gather everyone’s emails and some of the ones we have look a bit old so can you forward on if you have any others.

All the best and congrats on the poem!

Sinead W and Sinead O'H

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