Sunday, March 14, 2010

'On The Nail' Reading @ The Locke Bar, Limerick
Thurs. 1st April 2010 8.00pm

The next monthly 'On The Nail' literary reading takes place Thursday 1st April 2010 at 8.00pm in The Locke Bar, George's Quay, Limerick.

Organised by The Limerick Writers' Centre this popular monthly reading and open-mic continues to attract audiences with a mix of poetry, prose and music.
This months reading will be preceeded by the launch of Revival Poetry Journal No. 15.

This Months Guest Readers Terry McDonagh, Jean Ormerod and Helena Close .

Terry McDonagh
is a poet and dramatist and has published five collections of poetry; a play; a book of letters and a novel and poetry for children. The Truth in Mustard (Arlen House) is his latest collection.

Jane Ormerod was born on the south coast of England and now lives in New York City. She is the author of Recreational Vehicles on Fire (Three Rooms Press, 2009), 11 Films (Modern Metrics, 2008), the spoken word CD Nashville Invades Manhattan, and is a founding editor at Uphook Press. She performs throughout the United States, from east to west coasts and everywhere in between.

Helena Close, has published four novels under the pseudonym Sarah O’Brien with co-writer, Trisha Rainsford. She has also written threenovels under her own name. Helena is currently co-writing a comedy drama TV series with Trisha Rainsford, and her next novel, The Clever One, will be published in March 2010 by Hachette.

As usual music will be provided by Chris Wood and friends. Everyone is invited to take part in the open-mic after the main event, poets, storytellers, musicians and writers . Even if you don't write you are welcome to bring something along to read. The night begins at 8.00pm and there is free admission and free finger food for everyone attending. So join us on the night and make this event something special.

NOTE: Our special authors book table will again be in operation, so if you want your book, CD's etc publicised make sure you are represented on the
table. Contact Dominic Taylor at 087 2996409 to make arrangements.

Further information contact: Dominic Taylor 087 2996409 email web
To view videos of March reading go to:



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