Sunday, August 19, 2007

White House Poetry Revival Wed 22nd Aug 2007

White House Poetry Revival
Wed 22nd Aug 2007 9.00pm

Perciphone Petticoat theatrical poetry performer, writer, singer songwriter, musician, composer and producer, is a fresh and entertaining face in the world of performance poetry and entertainment. She has been writing and singing since early childhood and collaborates with other musicians to make ambient and peace enhancing sounds. Her music can be found at
Perciphone uses enchanting lines, beguiling and palatable - weaving their way in and out of the cold hard truths often being projected. Her performance sites can be found at

From surrealism to social dysfunction - sexuality to empathy, fairytales to self-harm, Perciphone Petticoat often flirts on a rather risqué edge. However, pertinent subjects delivered graphically, are often skillfully tempered according to musicality and backing sounds: allowing ideas that would otherwise be unpalatable - to be considered. She is touring the UK this year and planning to tour internationally in 2008.

For further information contact Barney Sheehan at 086 8657494 or Dominic Taylor at 087 2996409

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