Saturday, June 03, 2006

Poem Of The Week 'Willmount' by Dominic Taylor



We stood opposite the great iron gates,
two pillars on either side like watchtowers
standing guard at the entrance to another world
display in white flaky paint the name Willmount.
Everyday we lingered by the entrance and longed
to know what lay at the end of that long winding
Along the high walls on either side of the gates
you could catch a glimpse of apple and pear trees,
we longed to breach this fortress and skin its orchard
but this secret garden always lay just beyond our reach.
Slowly over the years cracks appeared in the walls
and eventually holes, which we scampered through
and took out what plunder we could.
As a tidalwave of change overtook the big house
what was left soon crumbled and fell in a cloud of dust
- when it settled our world was changed forever.

Dominic Taylor


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