Saturday, May 13, 2006

Poem Of The Week 'Rafters' by Chris Collins

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Conversation varies - drinks sipped along the
Cracking oyster shells assist smiles across faces.

Happy hour erases the stains which remaim from tears,
Dollars diminish - watching souls drain their beers

Scattered chatter again seeks to intrique,
Oblivious to these words before they slowly begin to appear.

Ice to accompany maybe another cold emotion,
To capture numb feelings - like nets in the ocean.

Varieties of drinks to complement these multiple personalities,
A side order of blues to serenade love's lost attributes.

The pin-cushion barman humours slurred nonsense speech,
Like the sands absorb the water on a packed summer beach.

Chris Collins been writing for about 4 years now and is influenced by the likes of Auden, Yeats, Thomas, Dickinson, Whitman, Hopkins, etc... he reads regularly at the White House Poetry Revival.