Sunday, November 27, 2005

Poem Of The Week 'Homage' by Grant D McLeman


She is
the first candle
the last candle
she is
as feminine as April
and she cancels time
with one look

With her
all my future somethings
my present all things
all my acts of faith
become acts of worship
all my days of grey
lands of rainbow

As she lives
so shall I die

Grant D Mc leman
was born in Glasgow, 1952, and now lives in Clyde Coast town of Largs. He is a Social Studies graduate currently working in a jobcentre (!). Has been writing poetry for some time. In early days won 3 diplomas in Scottish Open Poetry Competition and then didn't write for some time. On resumption of writing, was published once or twice by Forward Press and then in 2003 collaborated with internationally renowned U.S. photographer Martin Lueders in producing 3 pieces that were broadcast on U.S. cable T.V. programme 'Coffee House'. Currently looking for publisher.